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Articles within the archive for December 2013

03/12/2013:Materials management software upgraded - News
04/12/2013:New super material set to rival graphene? - News
04/12/2013:Low cost 3D metal printer unveiled - News
05/12/2013:Workshop: Graphene and Nanofillers for Composites - Events
05/12/2013:New Materials: Fundamental to Growth event - Events
05/12/2013:Nylon material engineered for additive manufacturing - News
11/12/2013:Titanium used to 3D print automotive parts - News
12/12/2013:Are environmental concerns helping the plastics industry find new applications? - Reference/Features
12/12/2013:Top 14 materials for 2014 - Reference/Features
12/12/2013:Is additive manufacturing finally ready for lift off? - Reference/Features
12/12/2013:Is analysis software really necessary for materials testing? - Reference/Features
12/12/2013:UK company fights back against tightening EU regulations - Reference/Features
12/12/2013:What role will materials play in making microfluidics a success? - Reference/Features
12/12/2013:The challenges of getting greener materials into industry - Reference/Features
12/12/2013:The high shooting dilemma - Fun
12/12/2013:3D printed e-Superbike unveiled - News
16/12/2013:World's First 3D Printed Metal Gun - Video Content
16/12/2013:Printing guns - should we be worried? - Blogs
16/12/2013:Resin manufacturer targets mass transit - News
17/12/2013:Coating prevents corrosion on hub bearings - News
18/12/2013:AM holds promise for cheaper aircraft parts - News
19/12/2013:Engineers urged toward recycled materials - News
23/12/2013:Modelling natural fibres accelerates deployment - News
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