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Articles within the archive for October 2013

01/10/2013:3D printing takes centre stage at London’s Science Museum - News
08/10/2013:New insect-repelling coating unveiled - News
09/10/2013:Process could cut cost of titanium by 60% - News
10/10/2013:Product Innovation… More than a Bright Idea - Blogs
10/10/2013:Biodegradable plastic: good, bad or ugly? - Blogs
10/10/2013:Crashingly obvious! - Fun
10/10/2013:UK company explains its biodegradable plastic additive - Video Content
15/10/2013:Carbyne material is ‘world’s strongest’ - News
16/10/2013:3D printing enters 'metal age' - News
17/10/2013:Ceramic panels used to create eco-friendly air con system - News
18/10/2013:Manchester researchers in new graphene discovery - News
21/10/2013:Why cut knurling patterns is the dinosaur of die casting - Blogs
21/10/2013:"Supply Chain Innovation towards a Circular Economy" Partnering event - Events
22/10/2013:Surface Analysis Workshop - Events
22/10/2013:Carbon fibre panels could replace batteries in next gen EVs - News
23/10/2013:Researchers develop 4D printing technology for composite materials - News
25/10/2013:Senior engineering consultant takes Grand Prix prize at 2013 BEEAs - News
28/10/2013:Engineering Polymers: All you need to know - Video Content
28/10/2013:Vitamin B2 used to 3D print medical implants - News
29/10/2013:FiberFix tape hardens like steel, is 100x stronger than duct tape - News
31/10/2013:Nanocomposites manufacturing centre to open in UK - News
31/10/2013:UK ‘falling behind’ in race to commercialise graphene - News
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