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Articles within the archive for January 2013

02/01/2013:The after Christmas weigh-in - Fun
02/01/2013:Graphene sheets yield cheap, flexible solar cells - News
02/01/2013:Graphene research gets £21.5m boost - News
02/01/2013:Technyl polyamide used in high temperature turbo - News
03/01/2013:Doosan multi-tasking lathe enables military precision - News
04/01/2013:Material choice yields good posture - News
09/01/2013:New record for carbon nanotube based solar cells - News
10/01/2013:Silica nanofibres are 15x stronger than steel - News
10/01/2013:Autosport International 2013 - Events
14/01/2013:Materials, nuclear energy and the future - Video Content
14/01/2013:Bio-inspired adhesive aims to speed up wound closure - News
14/01/2013:New material harvests energy from water vapour - News
15/01/2013:Multi-junction solar cell tipped to break efficiency barrier - News
15/01/2013:UK ‘falling behind’ in global graphene race - News
17/01/2013:Liquids bounce off ultra repellent surface - Video Content
17/01/2013:Nanoscale coating repels almost any liquid - News
21/01/2013:Metamaterials used to create lens-less imaging system - News
21/01/2013:Swiss team claims new world record for solar cell efficiency - News
23/01/2013:Graphene-based material ‘could revolutionise electronics industry’ - News
25/01/2013:Conference to explore innovation in automotive industry - News
29/01/2013:Eurozone crisis leaves UK steel output at standstill - News
30/01/2013:Injection moulding vs Vacuum casting - Blogs
30/01/2013:UK coatings specialist secures TSB funding - News
31/01/2013:Residual stress engineering: developing control, measurement and characterisation techniques - Events
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