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Articles within the archive for September 2012

03/09/2012:Healthy Appetite for Product Lifecycle Management in U.K. Manufacturing Industry - Video Content
03/09/2012:New technique could mean super thin, strong graphene-based circuits - News
03/09/2012:Researchers discover new type of spring inspired by nature - News
05/09/2012:New process could prevent cold cracking in high strength steel - News
07/09/2012:Self-healing material could replace damaged cartilage in joints - News
11/09/2012:New Range Rover gets all-aluminium body and hybrid engine - News
12/09/2012:Smart fabric designed to detect intruders - News
12/09/2012:Design for direct metal laser sintering: anything goes? - Blogs
12/09/2012:Honda develops technology to weld steel and aluminium together - News
13/09/2012:Synthetic materials have 'world's highest' surface area - News
14/09/2012:BEEAS 2012 Shortlist announced - News
14/09/2012:Gabriel-Chemie to unveil latest plastics innovations at Engineering Design Show - News
17/09/2012:Conference and workshop programmes confirmed for Engineering Design Show - News
24/09/2012:Protective polymers - Reference/Features
24/09/2012:Designing composites into industry - Reference/Features
24/09/2012:Adding function to materials - Reference/Features
24/09/2012:Nature’s material engineering - Reference/Features
24/09/2012:Can it be done better? - Blogs
24/09/2012:Materials inspired by nature - Reference/Features
24/09/2012:Adding the value - Reference/Features
24/09/2012:Beyond the obvious - Reference/Features
24/09/2012:New thermoelectric material is 'world’s most efficient' - News
25/09/2012:Porous material could help fight against greenhouse gases - News
25/09/2012:Biopolymers close the gap on oil-based materials - News
27/09/2012:Composite material specified for major automotive build - News
27/09/2012:Objet offers 100-plus 3D printing materials - News
27/09/2012:Huntsman enhances production - News
28/09/2012:Granta unveils new selector tool for 2013 - News
28/09/2012:NASA develops ultra strong aerogel for automotive industry - News
28/09/2012:Extended performance for thermoset PCBs - News
28/09/2012:Stronger action needed on raw material shortage - News
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