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06/06/2012:Ultra thin glass could yield next gen flexible displays - News
13/06/2012:Engineering Design Show now open for registration - News
14/06/2012:Superforming Aluminium including cavity, bubble, back-pressure and diaphragm forming - Reference/Features
14/06/2012:Advanced materials drive green revolution - Reference/Features
14/06/2012:Novel coating could prevent ice build up on wind turbines and aircraft - News
14/06/2012:New material sucks in CO2, spits out everything else - News
15/06/2012:The future is in your hands - Blogs
15/06/2012:Quantum tunnelling composites: Making a switch - Reference/Features
15/06/2012:Designing composites into industry - Reference/Features
15/06/2012:Clever metal - Reference/Features
15/06/2012:Taking the weight off - Reference/Features
15/06/2012:Untangling rubber reasoning - Reference/Features
15/06/2012:Taking a holistic approach - Reference/Features
15/06/2012:Ceramic dynamic - Reference/Features
15/06/2012:Welcoming a new arrival - Blogs
18/06/2012:Prepreg made from natural flax fibre - News
18/06/2012:Polyurethane composite resin cures faster - News
18/06/2012:Composite structures mimic seashells - News
18/06/2012:“Stainless steel” film gives quality at a low cost - News
18/06/2012:Turbine blades force growth in materials demand - News
18/06/2012:BioVinyl could replace standard products - News
18/06/2012:New tape bonds varied substrates - News
18/06/2012:More from metallic foams - News
18/06/2012:Steel industry calls for shift in vehicle regulations - News
18/06/2012:Ceramic tips treat tumours - News
18/06/2012:Resin extruded honeycomb panels - News
18/06/2012:Engineer vs. Design Podcast: PlanetPTC Live - Podcast
18/06/2012:Researchers boost power output of thin silicon solar cells - News
18/06/2012:Working with Boeing to recycle carbon fibre composites from aircraft - Video Content
18/06/2012:Super Thin Ceramic Coatings - Video Content
18/06/2012:300 Years of FOSSIL FUELS in 300 Seconds - Video Content
18/06/2012:Sustainability explained through animation - Video Content
18/06/2012:Life Cycle Assessment - It's the only way to drive! - Video Content
21/06/2012:Robotic finger outperforms humans in identifying natural materials - News
21/06/2012:Objet hails 3D printing breakthrough - News
22/06/2012:Rolls-Royce blade facility to create 150 UK jobs - News
24/06/2012:Scalextric4Schools - RAF Museum, Cosford - Events
25/06/2012:All-carbon solar cell harnesses infrared light - News
26/06/2012:New method could yield cheaper, thinner solar cells - News
29/06/2012:Engineer vs. Design Podcast: Joe Graney, Santa Cruz’s mountain bike master maker - Podcast
29/06/2012:Engineer vs. Design Podcast: Episode 45 Mike Leydet - Podcast
29/06/2012:Clay-based coating could usher in new generation of green flame retardants - News
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