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01/03/2012:Li-ion battery breakthrough could revolutionise cost and range of future EVs - News
01/03/2012:National Grid project looks to convert waste into natural gas substitute - News
06/03/2012:ABB forms joint venture for offshore wind power integration - News
06/03/2012:Nissan to create 2,000 new UK jobs - News
06/03/2012:European project to fund clean tech start-ups - News
07/03/2012:UKSA funding to drive growth in British cubesat technology - News
07/03/2012:xiros plastic ball bearings from igus - Video Content
07/03/2012:Andy Green’s Bloodhound Project diary - Blogs
07/03/2012:Novel material could make cars lighter and cheaper to run - News
07/03/2012:Smart, self healing hydrogel binds in seconds - News
08/03/2012:Semta chief to step down - News
08/03/2012:Schaeffler opens ‘world’s largest’ bearing test rig - News
08/03/2012:£9.8million eco innovation centre to be established in North West - News
09/03/2012:£1billion wind farm investment to create 600 jobs in Scotland - News
09/03/2012:Breakthrough metamaterial could capture more sunlight than existing solar cells - News
12/03/2012:Sensor technology yields innovative asthma training device - News
12/03/2012:Competition aims to speed up introduction of low carbon commercial vehicles - News
12/03/2012:3D paper sensor could detect malaria, HIV - News
12/03/2012:What do you know about UK manufacturing? - Blogs
12/03/2012:Innovative software turns sign language into text - News
13/03/2012:Jaguar Land Rover to create 1,000 new jobs at Halewood plant - News
13/03/2012:Super fast 3D printer offers nanoscale precision - News
14/03/2012:Adjustable retraction system targets multi-axis robot applications - Video Content
14/03/2012:Schaeffler opens UK customer training centre - News
14/03/2012:Aston Martin to improve painting performance with ABB robots - News
15/03/2012:UK car manufacturing up 23.5% - News
15/03/2012:Report identifies technologies for improved rail diesel efficiency - News
15/03/2012:Bloodhound seeks accredited suppliers - News
15/03/2012:Putting a value on engineers’ success - Blogs
15/03/2012:Leading edge technology helps UK athletes go for gold - Reference/Features
15/03/2012:Designing in 3D: How 3D printing is changing the way product design and development are taking place - Reference/Features
15/03/2012:Crowdsourcing design model is moving forward fast - Reference/Features
15/03/2012:Lightweight panels prove flexible - Reference/Features
15/03/2012:Show preview: JEC Europe - Reference/Features
19/03/2012:Drylin N end caps prevent carriage loss in rail guide systems - Video Content
19/03/2012:Autodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order offers new web access - News
19/03/2012:Novel device could harvest energy and water from human waste - News
19/03/2012:Cheaper, more fuel efficient biplane could be key to supersonic travel - News
20/03/2012:Researchers create more efficient hydrogen fuel cells - News
20/03/2012:Lego robotics kit yields bone-like material - News
21/03/2012:UK in ‘race against time’ to meet renewable energy targets - News
22/03/2012:£60million aerodynamics centre to open in UK - News
22/03/2012:3D concrete printing the future of construction? - News
22/03/2012:GSK to invest £500million in UK manufacturing - News
23/03/2012:Aircraft manufacturers to collaborate on biofuel commercialisation - News
26/03/2012:BAE opens £150million F-35 plant in Lancashire - News
27/03/2012:2012 JEC Composites Show Paris - Events
27/03/2012:P4.32 rol-e-chain is quiet, low maintenance - Video Content
27/03/2012:Gamesa to build £125million offshore wind farm in Scotland - News
27/03/2012:3D solar towers offer 20x more power output - News
28/03/2012:Airborne wind turbine could cut energy costs by 65% - News
28/03/2012:Vibrating safety seat alerts drivers to possible crashes - News
28/03/2012:Autodesk unveils 2013 design portfolio - News
29/03/2012:3D imaging system aids research into lung disease - News
29/03/2012:£4million nuclear build and manufacturing programme established - News
29/03/2012:Novel process converts polyethylene into carbon fibre - News
30/03/2012:Cyberplasm: Meet the microbot that can detect disease from inside the human body - News
30/03/2012:Researchers use electricity to generate alternative fuel - News
30/03/2012:Solar plane to attempt longest ever flight - News
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