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01/02/2012:Liquid air the solution to wind power’s unreliability? - News
01/02/2012:Ricardo signs offshore wind contract with David Brown Gear Systems - News
02/02/2012:Novel device could power pacemakers by heartbeats alone - News
02/02/2012:New investment aims to establish UK as global graphene research hub - News
06/02/2012:BAE to take on record number of apprentices in 2012 - News
06/02/2012:Artificial vision system detects pedestrians in front of cars - News
06/02/2012:Novel material could enable long term, controllable drug delivery - News
06/02/2012:Jaguar Land Rover launches largest ever apprentice recruitment campaign - News
07/02/2012:SCSC 20th Annual Symposium - Events
07/02/2012:Wireless system could allow EVs to recharge while on the move - News
07/02/2012:New material could yield next gen electronic devices - News
07/02/2012:Autodesk software helps create plug and play water turbines - News
08/02/2012:Green energy innovators invited to win share of £29million fund - News
08/02/2012:Airbus ordered to inspect all A380 jets for wing cracks - News
09/02/2012:Electric racing brings wider benefits - Reference/Features
09/02/2012:Overcoming the issues associated with migrating CAD data - Reference/Features
09/02/2012:Securing innovation: Recent developments from the fastening industry - Reference/Features
09/02/2012:Quick access fasteners turn heads - Reference/Features
09/02/2012:Automotive brake disc provides high performance at lower cost - Reference/Features
09/02/2012:TSB initiative looks to encourage component manufacturers into space sector - Reference/Features
09/02/2012:Innovative X-2 rotor setup overcomes problems of the past - Reference/Features
09/02/2012:£50million green energy centre to be established in UK - News
09/02/2012:Red Bull unveils 2012 F1 car - News
10/02/2012:Cambridge researchers make solar cell breakthrough - News
10/02/2012:New zeolite material to solve diesel shortage? - News
13/02/2012:Battery breakthrough could help soldiers on the frontline - News
13/02/2012:New battery could lead to cheaper, more efficient solar energy - News
13/02/2012:RX energy tubes keep enclosures sealed - Video Content
14/02/2012:Motor design software site introduces automated design approach - News
14/02/2012:Researchers identify mechanics of single layer graphene - News
14/02/2012:Government to invest in carbon abatement technologies - News
15/02/2012:Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2012 - Events
15/02/2012:Low power radio architecture improves military communications - News
15/02/2012:Liquid batteries could increase viability of renewables - News
15/02/2012:IMechE to reward UK’s most innovate engineers - News
16/02/2012:£2.5million boost for UK space technology industry - News
16/02/2012:Autodesk Alias software helps Volvo car design - News
17/02/2012:Breakthrough sensor transmits data from orthopaedic implants - News
17/02/2012:Swiss satellite to tackle space debris - News
20/02/2012:Super adhesive material takes inspiration from nature - News
20/02/2012:Graphene breakthrough could yield faster electronics - News
21/02/2012:Composites 2012 - Events
21/02/2012:HSBC launches £4billion export funding pot for SMEs - News
21/02/2012:New Rolls-Royce engine takes to the skies - News
22/02/2012:Maintenance-free system rolls and slides in virtual silence - Video Content
22/02/2012:Report calls for more visionary approach to renewables - News
23/02/2012:Green energy start up secures £65million funding - News
23/02/2012:Power Felt converts heat into electrical current - News
24/02/2012:Autodesk Q4 revenue up 12% - News
24/02/2012:Ball bearing boosts fuel economy in hybrid vehicles - News
27/02/2012:Future aircraft could capture and re-use own power - News
27/02/2012:Wirelessly powered implantable device can propel itself through bloodstream - News
27/02/2012:EPSRC to support further UK graphene research - News
27/02/2012:Injectable gel could repair damaged heart tissue - News
28/02/2012:Scottish Power in recruitment drive - News
29/02/2012:Engineering Design Show now 70% booked - News
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