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Articles within the archive for January 2012

04/01/2012:450mph jet powered bike aims to break speed record - News
05/01/2012:Microsoft developing contact lens that can monitor blood sugar levels - News
05/01/2012:Breakthrough material could benefit alternative energy market - News
05/01/2012:Mechanical engineering community raises $4million - News
06/01/2012:Sensor sleeve could improve efficiency in the workplace - News
09/01/2012:Satellite innovation hub announced by TSB - News
10/01/2012:Researchers unveil sense and avoid system for UAVs - News
11/01/2012:Boeing begins NASA solar electric propulsion study - News
11/01/2012:Camera pill gives doctors new view inside the human body - News
11/01/2012:Zircotec to demonstrate novel coating process at Autosport International - News
12/01/2012:Lola-Drayson electric racing car unveiled - News
12/01/2012:Bloodhound calls on best of UK motorsport engineering - News
13/01/2012:igus unveils drylin linear range - Video Content
16/01/2012:3M unveils MPO solution for high density fibre connections - News
16/01/2012:£10million marine energy competition announced - News
16/01/2012:New TFC Group ready for 2012 - News
17/01/2012:$10million prize offered to design a Star Trek tricorder - Blogs
17/01/2012:Airbus to create 600 new UK jobs - News
17/01/2012:BMW to recall Minis over water pump fire fears - News
17/01/2012:CAD software cuts hydraulic design time - News
17/01/2012:Government to invest up to £6million in UK aerospace R&D - News
17/01/2012:Seeing past the gloom - Blogs
17/01/2012:Cloud computing offers new possibilities to design engineers - Reference/Features
17/01/2012:Advanced Engineering Show 2011: Adressing material shortcomings - Reference/Features
17/01/2012:ECF 2011: Dassault Systèmes debuts new sketch tool - Reference/Features
17/01/2012:Non-traditional bearings improve design and functionality in many industries - Reference/Features
17/01/2012:Overrunning alternator pulley improves internal combustion engine - Reference/Features
17/01/2012:Innovative fastener helps oil industry enhance reliability - Reference/Features
17/01/2012:Offshore and subsea applications make specific demands of bearings - Reference/Features
18/01/2012:Government puts £400million behind hydrogen car project - News
18/01/2012:UK aerospace sector has reasons to be cheerful - News
19/01/2012:Sensor-enabled smart pill to revolutionise healthcare? - News
19/01/2012:Nissan unveils ‘self healing’ iPhone case - News
19/01/2012:Exports help drive UK car manufacturing growth - News
23/01/2012:Andy Green’s Bloodhound Project diary - Blogs
23/01/2012:Liquid nitrogen engine concept a step closer to reality - News
23/01/2012:Researchers developing lightweight, inexpensive composite brake rotors - News
24/01/2012:Peace and goodwill between manufacturing professionals - Blogs
24/01/2012:First UK marine energy park to be built in South West - News
24/01/2012:Breakthrough sensor measures glucose levels in saliva - News
25/01/2012:New process cuts weight of fuel tanks by 25% - News
25/01/2012:‘Intelligent’ inverter can handle drive-related tasks without an external controller - News
25/01/2012:Free open source application developed for study of fluid dynamics - News
26/01/2012:ABB unveils UK’s first EV rapid-charging station - News
26/01/2012:Researchers cloak first 3D object using plasmonic metamaterials - News
27/01/2012:Graphene breakthrough reveals previously unknown property - News
30/01/2012:MoD awards missile defence deal to UK industry - News
30/01/2012:Fresh iglidur bearings every day - Video Content
30/01/2012:Project aims to cut energy consumption in automotive industry manufacturing - News
30/01/2012:Ford invests £1million in future engineering talent - News
30/01/2012:Government to invest £2million in technology inspired innovation - News
31/01/2012:Researchers developing novel materials for hydrogen storage - News
31/01/2012:Elastic electronics pave way for bio-integrated medical devices - News
31/01/2012:Smart paint to revolutionise structural monitoring? - News
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