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Articles within the archive for July 2011

06/07/2011:Ecocomp - Events
07/07/2011:Time for IP reforms to be implemented - Blogs
08/07/2011:Metso to supply US power producer with 100MWe biomass boiler - News
11/07/2011:Marine energy to compete with nuclear and onshore wind by 2025 - News
13/07/2011:Effectively Test Your Products and Communicate your Designs - Events
13/07/2011:Overcoming the 'boffin' cliché - Blogs
13/07/2011:Composite wheels boost impact resistance - Reference/Features
13/07/2011:The material world of RP - Reference/Features
13/07/2011:World’s first flying car a step closer to take off - News
13/07/2011:Better bearings drive improved efficiency - Reference/Features
13/07/2011:Lola, Drayson Racing announce electric car partnership - News
15/07/2011:CC-Link celebrates membership milestone - News
18/07/2011:Nanocomposite polymers enable world’s first synthetic organ transplant - News
19/07/2011:UK researchers harness solar energy to create clean fuel - News
19/07/2011:Workshop: Wood polymer composites - Events
21/07/2011:Introduction to composite manufacture - Events
21/07/2011:First lithium-ion powered forklift adopted by Tesco - News
22/07/2011:Robots could monitor underground pipes for radioactive leaks - News
25/07/2011:Chalmit unveils 'maintenance free' led technology - News
26/07/2011:Folding stool printed on single print job - News
27/07/2011:Collaboration enables development of bio inspired robots - News
27/07/2011:UK firm helps develop breakthrough X-ray technology - News
29/07/2011:igus floating tow arm - Video Content
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