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Articles within the archive for March 2011

03/03/2011:Unlocking the human sense of touch - Video Content
03/03/2011:Semta, IDS collaborate to boost British high tech manufacturing skills - News
07/03/2011:Bicycle material is ‘grown’ from high strength nylon powder - News
08/03/2011:Bloodhound to test fire hybrid rocket - News
09/03/2011:BEEAs highlight engineering as ‘worthwhile profession and career’ - News
09/03/2011:Oldest jet powered aircraft airworthy again - News
10/03/2011:The poor relations? - Blogs
10/03/2011:Suzuki scooter first to earn European Whole Vehicle Type Approval - News
10/03/2011:BEEAs winner encourages companies to nominate design engineers - News
10/03/2011:New plastic automatically repairs itself - News
14/03/2011:Counterfeit SKF bearings seized by Trading Standards - News
14/03/2011:£89million technology and innovation centre to be launched in Strathclyde - News
16/03/2011:Closing the loop: Interview with Ellen Macarthur - Interview
16/03/2011:Practical Marketing & Publicity for SME Composite Businesses - Events
16/03/2011:Powering ahead to tomorrow’s designing - Reference/Features
16/03/2011:Nano composites make stronger alloys - Reference/Features
16/03/2011:New steels set challenging problems - Reference/Features
16/03/2011:Mathcad in its Prime - Reference/Features
16/03/2011:Shape searches eliminate duplication - Reference/Features
16/03/2011:Meeting the automation challenges - Reference/Features
16/03/2011:Innovation on show - Reference/Features
17/03/2011:BIS announces £10million funding for low carbon vehicle R&D projects - News
18/03/2011:Nanomaterials improve energy harvesting in soldiers’ battery packs - News
21/03/2011:Composite Materials in Modern Structures - Events
21/03/2011:£16.5million bioenergy laboratories to develop low carbon technologies - News
23/03/2011:Innovative engine technology researchers awarded £88,000 - News
24/03/2011:Environmental Scientifics Group launches 'Science in Schools' initiative - News
24/03/2011:Engineers devise new way to inspect advanced materials - News
29/03/2011:Tata Motors adds 100 jobs at UK R&D facility - News
30/03/2011:‘World’s longest’ composite bridge debuts in Madrid - News
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