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Articles within the archive for November 2011

01/11/2011:BAE selects PTC's Windchill platform as enterprise standard - News
01/11/2011:Renewable wave energy the focus of IBM project - News
01/11/2011:EV charging station prototype is made of wood-plastic composite - News
02/11/2011:Vibrometry research centre to be established at University of Leicester - News
02/11/2011:Digital Prototyping Forum 2011 - Events
03/11/2011:Single bearing concept improves efficiency of wind turbines - News
03/11/2011:Virtual design capability is not without its costs - Blogs
03/11/2011:ETI to invest £25million in offshore wind project - News
04/11/2011:OEMs throw weight behind tidal energy development - News
04/11/2011:igus polymer bearings target automotive applications - Video Content
04/11/2011:GKN to supply refuelling equipment for Airbus A400M - News
07/11/2011:Biologically inspired tape can be re-used thousands of times - News
07/11/2011:Hybrid power plant design could cut emissions by 50% - News
09/11/2011:Rapid manufacturing gathers pace: Interview with Graham Bennett, CRDM - Interview
09/11/2011:High-density heat exchanger developed for aerospace - Reference/Features
09/11/2011:Early prototyping benefits Bentley - Reference/Features
09/11/2011:Expanding properties - Reference/Features
09/11/2011:Snap fit and vibration-free for BMW - Reference/Features
09/11/2011:Findlay Media launches Engineering Design Show - News
10/11/2011:Bayer develops polyurethane-based composite for large windmill blades - News
10/11/2011:Sub-nanosecond laser targets industrial applications - News
10/11/2011:Lightweight concrete utilises glass fibre composite - News
11/11/2011:Jaguar Land Rover to create 1000 new jobs at UK plant - News
11/11/2011:Innovative irrigation system wins Dyson Award - News
11/11/2011:Free Autodesk app lets users convert photos into 3D models - News
14/11/2011:Wireless pacemaker is 'world's first' - News
14/11/2011:GKN to produce composite HondaJet fuselage - News
15/11/2011:igus QuickPin 2.0 makes cable design simple - Video Content
15/11/2011:New technique turns 2D patterns into 3D objects using only light - News
16/11/2011:£10million boost for low carbon vehicle project - News
16/11/2011:Work begins at new bioenergy research centre - News
16/11/2011:Autodesk ForceEffect app takes simulation mobile - News
21/11/2011:Organic material combines best qualities of resin and glass - News
21/11/2011:Thermal management module reduces CO2 emissions by 4% - News
21/11/2011:Cameron opens McLaren's £50m production centre - News
21/11/2011:World’s lightest material touted by US researchers - News
22/11/2011:Does engineering need more sex appeal? - Blogs
22/11/2011:Formula 1 cto recognised by IET - News
22/11/2011:Autodesk Q3 profit up 36% - News
23/11/2011:igus c-chain for continuous movement - Video Content
23/11/2011:NASA’s Curiosity rover gets ready for Mars - News
23/11/2011:Novel coating could reduce carbon footprint of future aircrafts - News
24/11/2011:Airbus to create 200 new jobs at Filton site - News
24/11/2011:National Composites Centre declared open for business - News
24/11/2011:Thanet wind farm gets £150million boost - News
25/11/2011:Jaguar E-type wins engineering heritage award - News
25/11/2011:Toyota to invest £100million in UK jobs and manufacturing - News
29/11/2011:TSB competition aims to secure UK’s future power systems - News
29/11/2011:ABB backs energy efficiency centre - News
29/11/2011:Electrode could make large scale power storage a reality - News
30/11/2011:3D printer yields 'bone-like' material - News
30/11/2011:Autodesk announces new PLM offering - News
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