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Articles within the archive for October 2011

04/10/2011:SolidWorks 2012 Product Launch - Events
04/10/2011:Why you need igus chainflex cables - Video Content
04/10/2011:Autodesk takes moldflow simulation software to the cloud - News
05/10/2011:Student built electric car sets new land speed record - News
05/10/2011:Work begins on world's largest solar bridge - News
07/10/2011:FREE Engineering Workshop - SolidWorks - Events
07/10/2011:Are we avoiding the graduate issue? - Blogs
10/10/2011:Tata Steel to invest £2million in UK tube plant - News
10/10/2011:Rolls-Royce wins order for ‘Enviroship’ concept - News
11/10/2011:SolidWorks 2012 Product Launch - Events
11/10/2011:Ricardo unveils fuel efficient military vehicle - News
12/10/2011:New report declares Britain's nuclear facilities safe - News
12/10/2011:Needle roller bearings enable more energy efficient systems - News
13/10/2011:SolidWorks 2012 Product Launch - Events
13/10/2011:Mixed messages for manufacturing - Blogs
13/10/2011:Cover story: Planet of the Apps - Reference/Features
13/10/2011:Materials drive bearing advances - Reference/Features
13/10/2011:Fuel economies of scale - Reference/Features
13/10/2011:Better tools for conceptual design - Reference/Features
13/10/2011:New materials at Composites show - Reference/Features
13/10/2011:Metal foam triples cooling power - News
13/10/2011:igus moves towards green bearings - News
17/10/2011:Driverless robot car can self navigate - News
17/10/2011:Gears manufacturer gets £4.8million boost for green growth - News
18/10/2011:SolidWorks 2012 Product Launch - Events
19/10/2011:New Zealand team to take on landspeed record - News
20/10/2011:SolidWorks 2012 Product Launch - Events
25/10/2011:Eye tracking system could aid CAD designers - News
25/10/2011:SolidWorks 2012 Product Launch - Events
27/10/2011:SolidWorks 2012 Product Launch - Events
31/10/2011:Cambridge Consultants unveils auto-injector concept - News
31/10/2011:Dassault Systèmes reports strong Q3, announces Elsys acquistion - News
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