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Articles within the archive for October 2010

08/10/2010:Hot composite coating wins a prize - News
11/10/2010:Snapping wave energy system gets funding award - News
11/10/2010:Free research for mini projects - News
12/10/2010:New composite for extreme cold - News
13/10/2010:Ceramics in a bag give extra strength - Reference/Features
13/10/2010:British Engineering Excellence Awards – Winners 2010 - News
13/10/2010:Taking the steps to success - Reference/Features
13/10/2010:Ensuring order from chaos - Reference/Features
13/10/2010:Design software harnesses the wind - Reference/Features
13/10/2010:AutoCAD goes back to Mac - Reference/Features
13/10/2010:Bearing innovations increase efficiency - Reference/Features
13/10/2010:Better bearings last longer in hot spots - Reference/Features
13/10/2010:Light alloys set to fly - Reference/Features
13/10/2010:Steel advances - Reference/Features
13/10/2010:A Minister for change? - Interview
18/10/2010:Sound winners - News
21/10/2010:Gas engine sets new benchmarks for efficiency and size - News
22/10/2010:Driving blind - News
25/10/2010:UK firm awarded $70million to support British armed forces - News
29/10/2010:PTC introduces Creo design software - News
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