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Articles within the archive for July 2009

01/07/2009:British steam car prepares for land speed record attempt - News
01/07/2009:Interview with Ian Morris - Interview
03/07/2009:Condition monitoring system to be installed at Heathrow - News
07/07/2009:Acquisition boosts design reliability - News
09/07/2009:Clever software and small sensors control headlights - Reference/Features
09/07/2009:Apply online for your electric Mini - Blogs
09/07/2009:Motorsport manufacturer makes gearboxes for electric vehicles - News
13/07/2009:Engineering innovations for defence and automation - News
13/07/2009:Carbon composite process improves surface finish by eliminating lacquer - News
13/07/2009:Laser ignition to help cut emissions - News
14/07/2009:Variable speed drives show significant energy savings - News
14/07/2009:V12 engine needed to power SSC fuel pump - Reference/Features
14/07/2009:Suspension and bearings specified for 1000mph - Reference/Features
14/07/2009:Advanced technology guides pods through concrete maze - Reference/Features
14/07/2009:A Noble venture - Reference/Features
14/07/2009:Steel alloy fabric is a cut above - Reference/Features
15/07/2009:Harnessing the benefits - Reference/Features
15/07/2009:Dyson develops small powerful motor - News
15/07/2009:DSEi 2009 preview - Reference/Features
16/07/2009:Guy Anderson, editor and lead analyst, Jane's Information Group - Interview
16/07/2009:Raising the limits - Reference/Features
20/07/2009:Stove turns heat into sound and sound into power - News
20/07/2009:Electric vehicles already becoming dominant in China - Blogs
21/07/2009:Game, set and match to roof design consortium - Reference/Features
21/07/2009:Free promotion stands offered to inventors - News
22/07/2009:Selecting the ‘best’ bearing - Reference/Features
23/07/2009:Aluminium foams a reality - News
24/07/2009:Small sensors give big performance in restricted spaces - News
27/07/2009:Hybrid bearing facilitates next generation of machine tools - News
29/07/2009:On the right track - Video Content
29/07/2009:Lockheed Martin UK to help re-invent the wheel for world’s fastest car - News
29/07/2009:Gaming industry gives CFD analysis a boost - News
30/07/2009:An alternative to the traditional spring? - Video Content
30/07/2009:Ovoid gearbox design gives four times the torque - News
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