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Articles within the archive for May 2009

05/05/2009:Interview with Ray Hall - Interview
05/05/2009:Green laser diodes - News
06/05/2009:Interview with Charles Maltby - Interview
06/05/2009:Robot replicates human medical symptoms - News
07/05/2009:PTC Offer A Free Seminar Introduction To Windchill ProductPoint - Events
08/05/2009:A novel way of recovering energy from flowing water - Reference/Features
08/05/2009:Interview with Dr Michael Henry - Interview
08/05/2009:Interview with Colin Watson - Interview
08/05/2009:Rittal platform - Video Content
08/05/2009:Rittal demonstration - Video Content
08/05/2009:Eplan's database driven electrical design software - Video Content
11/05/2009:Next-generation Stop-Start system substantially broadens range of benefits - News
11/05/2009:Shockwave build up - Video Content
11/05/2009:Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell Roadster takes inspiration from history - News
11/05/2009:Ansys and Autodesk deliver interoperable solutions - News
12/05/2009:Metals – The Competitive Edge - Events
13/05/2009:Eureka Design Days - Motion control and Automation (North) - Events
13/05/2009:System analysis enhances artificial limb design - Reference/Features
13/05/2009:Racing green - Reference/Features
13/05/2009:The induction deduction - Reference/Features
14/05/2009:Autodesk Inventor seminars aimed at manufacturers under pressure - Events
14/05/2009:Women in engineering - Blogs
14/05/2009:Gearing up - Blogs
14/05/2009:What is the difference between an engineer and an FD? - Blogs
14/05/2009:MCT powers the re-birth of Norton - News
14/05/2009:Magnetic fields generate volts - Reference/Features
14/05/2009:Fast and complex simulation - Reference/Features
14/05/2009:NAFEMS World Congress Preview - Reference/Features
14/05/2009:Autodesk brings multiple improvements to CAD - Reference/Features
14/05/2009:Thick sandwiches designed for infusion - Reference/Features
14/05/2009:Flexible film works with force - Reference/Features
15/05/2009:Inside Allison Transmissions' Torque Converter - Video Content
15/05/2009:Exemplary Structure of a Hydrostatic Fan Drive - Video Content
15/05/2009:Multi speed electric transmission improves performance - News
18/05/2009:HCL works with Rockwell Automation to improve MES - News
19/05/2009:Eurofighter Typhoon – 21st Century Air-Power - 25th Aerospace Industries Division AGM Lecture - Events
22/05/2009:Cameras will trigger smart headlamps on new Range Rover - News
26/05/2009:Is the LHC a waste of money? - Blogs
26/05/2009:Richard Noble, Bloodhound project - Interview
26/05/2009:Clinics promoting copper innovations to sustain health - News
26/05/2009:Emdrive Flight Test - Video Content
26/05/2009:Look before you fall in - Blogs
29/05/2009:The BBC and technical accuracy - Blogs
29/05/2009:Changing with the market - Blogs
29/05/2009:Kite soars high with lightweight wings - News
29/05/2009:Continued investment in spite of recession - News
29/05/2009:Power station installation - Video Content
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