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Articles within the archive for April 2009

01/04/2009:Process Chemical Seals for High Temperatures - News
02/04/2009:Curing round studs increases integrity - Reference/Features
02/04/2009:Getting stuck in - Reference/Features
02/04/2009:UK Consortium Formed to Bid for ITER Fusion Reactor Vessel - News
03/04/2009:Getting The Right Fit - Reference/Features
03/04/2009:Qinetiq designers reach finals of the Young Designer of the Year competition - News
03/04/2009:Automated adhesive saves BMW money - News
06/04/2009:Solar powered car is ‘ultra efficient’ - News
07/04/2009:Hybrids go hydraulic - Reference/Features
07/04/2009:Peristaltic pump keeps tyres at correct pressure - Reference/Features
07/04/2009:Plastic fantastic - Reference/Features
07/04/2009:Polymer research pays off for safety - Reference/Features
07/04/2009:Saving the planet… with plastic!? - Reference/Features
07/04/2009:PDM ‘09 - Reference/Features
07/04/2009:Innovatory challenges to get out of the recession - Reference/Features
07/04/2009:Actuator goes non linear - Reference/Features
07/04/2009:Are we still talking about this? - Reference/Features
07/04/2009:CAD takes new strides - Reference/Features
09/04/2009:Exhausting problem solved for diesel engine manufacturers - News
09/04/2009:Dark energy identified – could we use it? - News
17/04/2009:3Dconnexions unveil 3D mouse - News
22/04/2009:Budget: £750million investment for UK businesses - News
23/04/2009:Nanostrings enable electronic 'nose' - News
24/04/2009:Input Overvoltage protection - Video Content
28/04/2009:Material Properties for Finite Element Simulations – Getting It Right (Part III – Composite Materials) - Events
28/04/2009:£100m challenge for innovative companies - News
28/04/2009:EMC filters improve solar reliability - News
28/04/2009:Project will monitor aircraft hydraulic fluid - News
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