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Articles within the archive for February 2009

04/02/2009:Copper can be stronger, but retain ductility - News
04/02/2009:The Wedge wing - News
05/02/2009:Coffee roasting machine builder takes Autodesk prototyping award - News
06/02/2009:Airbus simulation team chooses Virtalis for virtual reality - News
10/02/2009:Cleaner and cheaper pcbs - News
10/02/2009:PTC UK Seminar Series Starts Its Third Year - News
12/02/2009:New high-speed trains announced - News
13/02/2009:Free software and training to be given to unemployed engineers - News
16/02/2009:British wind turbines provide power in Antarctica - News
16/02/2009:Engineering The Planet - Reference/Features
16/02/2009:Ring wing allows tight manoeuvring - Reference/Features
17/02/2009:Kinetic Energy Storage Takes Off - Reference/Features
17/02/2009:Separate Issue - Reference/Features
17/02/2009:Advanced Materials Land In The UK - Reference/Features
17/02/2009:3D simulation solves crimes and accidents - Reference/Features
17/02/2009:Low power sonar helps dolphins and battery life - Reference/Features
17/02/2009:Artificial intelligence saves lives in hazardous environments - Reference/Features
17/02/2009:Mouse based mannequin enhances virtual heart - Reference/Features
17/02/2009:Water wheels begin their come back - Reference/Features
17/02/2009:Kingston electric TT bike nears completion - News
20/02/2009:Sweepers go with the flow - News
25/02/2009:LDV to go electric - News
26/02/2009:Steinmeyer’s ballscrew takes to the sky - News
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