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Articles within the archive for October 2009

01/10/2009:BEE Awards - Events
05/10/2009:Taking ideas to market - Reference/Features
05/10/2009:Blade design offers superior efficiency - Reference/Features
05/10/2009:Innovations offer smoother movement - Reference/Features
05/10/2009:Racing Pedigree - Reference/Features
05/10/2009:Amorphous steel transforms electrical efficiency - Reference/Features
05/10/2009:Cones stop segregation in hopper discharge - Reference/Features
05/10/2009:Composites proved for submarine hulls - Reference/Features
06/10/2009:Nanotubes make aluminium nearly as strong as steel - News
08/10/2009:Sine wave disk pumps delicate objects - News
08/10/2009:3DVIA Introduces Innovative 3D App for the iPhone - Video Content
08/10/2009:10 ways to emerge with an advantage from the economic downturn - Reference/Features
09/10/2009:British Engineering Excellence Awards: Review - Reference/Features
09/10/2009:60 second interview: Sponsored by Bloodhound SSC - Interview
09/10/2009:Taking ideas to market - Reference/Features
09/10/2009:CAD vendors crank up their offerings - Reference/Features
09/10/2009:Bio composites become a genuine alternative - Reference/Features
09/10/2009:Making marine energy viable - Reference/Features
12/10/2009:Racing Pedigree - Interview
12/10/2009:Night lights powered by hot radiators - News
14/10/2009:End product defines best route to useful prototypes - Reference/Features
14/10/2009:F1 regulation changes bring better steels for general automotive transmissions - News
15/10/2009:Fuel cell powers 23 hour flight - News
16/10/2009:BEEAs finalist Matthew Luethi blogs his subsequent progress with his silent vertical axis wind turbines - Blogs
16/10/2009:Hollow steel ball bearings made to save weight - News
19/10/2009:Commercial and industrial developments dominate at Invention Awards - News
21/10/2009:Aerospace company offers full-plane 3D scans - News
22/10/2009:Setting Up and Running a Successful Consultancy - Events
22/10/2009:More ‘real engineering’ needed - Blogs
22/10/2009:Engineers overcharged ‘millions’ by solicitors - News
23/10/2009:UK solar powered car heads for outback - News
23/10/2009:Scholarships awarded to 249 UK students - News
27/10/2009:CAD renderings set to improve - News
28/10/2009:A proof of concept with Microsoft and dezineforce - Video Content
29/10/2009:Fastening Assembly & Solutions Exhibition - Events
30/10/2009:Aerotech launches high precision pan & tilt camera postioner - News
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