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Articles within the archive for April 2008

03/04/2008:New R&D Centre will advance transport - News
07/04/2008:Adept Airmotive flies high with Inventor of the month award - News
09/04/2008:Saving weight under water - Reference/Features
09/04/2008:Cheaper motors offer higher efficiency - Reference/Features
09/04/2008:HGV’s get a rear treat - Reference/Features
09/04/2008:Walking structures are no pipe dream - Reference/Features
09/04/2008:Bin actually holds its contents - Reference/Features
09/04/2008:Self-adhesive rubber films make solar cells more cost effective - Reference/Features
10/04/2008:Sound investment - Reference/Features
10/04/2008:Joining in - Reference/Features
10/04/2008:Linear progression - Reference/Features
10/04/2008:The shape of things to come - Reference/Features
14/04/2008:Euro projects aim to avoid all crashes - News
15/04/2008:3D mouse is light for notebooks - News
17/04/2008:CBI survey shows skills worries - News
22/04/2008:On the energy green route - News
25/04/2008:Powder magnets could be next big draw - News
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