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Articles within the archive for October 2008

01/10/2008:Future cars may be like this - News
03/10/2008:Richard Noble's Bloodhound Project diary - Blogs
06/10/2008:Green motorbikes to race TT - News
07/10/2008:Black & Decker drills into collaborative engineering on PTC - News
08/10/2008:Fuel economy obstacles filtered out - News
09/10/2008:Energy Materials: Meeting the Challenge - Events
09/10/2008:Sports car made to be greener - Reference/Features
09/10/2008:New composites could suit fuel cells and biosensors - Reference/Features
09/10/2008:Cutting the cost of design - Reference/Features
09/10/2008:Composites on the wing - Reference/Features
09/10/2008:Improved filtration and lubrication show dramatic effects - Reference/Features
09/10/2008:Safe landing - Reference/Features
09/10/2008:Composite vehicle wins first hydrogen car race - Reference/Features
09/10/2008:Aero Sekur re-entry module passes test - News
10/10/2008:Bearing good news for Mars landing - Reference/Features
10/10/2008:Where art modelling and engineering embrace - Reference/Features
10/10/2008:Simulated improvement - Reference/Features
10/10/2008:A step up the ladder for safety - News
14/10/2008:Off road vehicle goes from 4x4 to 6x6 - News
14/10/2008:Motor control workshop - Events
16/10/2008:Motor control workshop - Events
20/10/2008:Taking 3D learning to another dimension - News
27/10/2008:New contenders for 2012 Olympics - News
28/10/2008:Absorbing the payback from composites - News
30/10/2008:Breaking new ground - News
31/10/2008:Copper-bottomed guarantee to beat the bugs - News
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