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Articles within the archive for November 2007

05/11/2007:Dynamic new look for the F1 fliers - Reference/Features
05/11/2007:Stiff challenge - Reference/Features
05/11/2007:All torque AND action - Reference/Features
05/11/2007:Steaming ahead - Reference/Features
05/11/2007:BMW Sauber thanks CFD for success - News
06/11/2007:Green slime power - News
07/11/2007:Software good for your health - News
08/11/2007:Canon clicks onto Siemens PLM software for global development - News
09/11/2007:GEZE switches to PDM solution for centralised design to production - News
09/11/2007:Samsung Electronics goes global on PTC Windchill for efficient engineering - News
13/11/2007:‘Flying saucer’ cleared for take-off - Reference/Features
13/11/2007:The pulse of progress - Reference/Features
13/11/2007:Super labels show material advantage - Reference/Features
13/11/2007:Single component speeds flat pack fastening - Reference/Features
13/11/2007:World’s longest tether appears to have worked - News
13/11/2007:Better joining of metal to plastic - News
13/11/2007:Ultra filter cleans up - Reference/Features
13/11/2007:Fitting in more connections - Reference/Features
14/11/2007:U clamps the key to rapid scaffolding - Reference/Features
14/11/2007:Weaving aramid with carbon makes for better composites - Reference/Features
14/11/2007:Chimney camera takes the heat - Reference/Features
16/11/2007:Shipyard unveils world’s largest crane, designed on digital technology - News
20/11/2007:iDEA winner makes its move - News
21/11/2007:10m cone could produce 59kW - News
23/11/2007:Plasma reactor looks for a home for tests - News
23/11/2007:Toyota Motorsport tunes race cars on virtual hub - News
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