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Acquandas and Goodfellow partner to provide miniaturised components

Goodfellow and Acquandas have formed a partnership to offer device manufacturers micro-patterned, 2D and 2.5D integrated multi-function miniaturised components and coatings. Read More


Aluminium foam has evenly spaced open pores

Metals and materials suppliers, Goodfellow, has announced the availability of a unique, cost-effective aluminium foam that offers superior heat exchange and impact absorption for a wide range of ... Read More

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A wide range of rare earth metal foils is available from Goodfellow

The foils represent 14 of the 15 metals in the lanthanide series (only promethium is unavailable), plus scandium and yttrium. Ranging in thickness from 0.005mm to 2.0mm, all of the foils have a ... Read More


Plasma functionalised Graphene Nanoplatelets

Goodfellow is now offering plasma functionalised Graphene Nanoplatelets. Plasma functionalisation differs from other treatments (or non-treated graphene) as it overcomes the hurdle of graphene's ... Read More

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