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Delve more deeply in to the world of materials innovation. Our expert editors bring you a host of the latest thinking, innovation, materials views and opinions from industry about how to improve design and what you should be thinking about when it comes to questions about materials in design and engineering.

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Prototyping shows its metal

A process that could revolutionise the way in which metal parts are produced.  Read More


Putting gears onto a new planet

Self-aligning bearings from SKF have helped Italian engineers to redesign a gearbox, making it cheaper and much less complex  Read More


The process that came in from the cold

Advances in cold forming allow high precision components to be made from stainless steel in one shot  Read More


Aluminium alloys get it together

Aluminium alloys and metal matrix composites can be joined without loss of shear strength.  Read More


VR is having a ball

A new approach to virtual reality promises to be the most realistic so far.  Read More


Magnetic force creates a revolution

Replacing steel balls or rollers with a controlled magnetic force offers a radical option to designers of bearing systems.  Read More


Creating a sensor of achievement

A novel way of sensing presence or absence of objects, an improvement over existing methods.  Read More


Laser sintering cuts mould production time

A process that takes rapid prototyping to new levels and allows the fabrication of moulds that are impossible to create by other means.  Read More

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