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The most recent news and innovations from metals and alloys industries. Find news about steel, aluminium, magnesium, copper, new and complex alloys, metal foams as well as joining and manufacturing.

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Graphene based composite could provide less toxic way of rust-proofing steel

Researchers in the US have developed a new graphene based composite for rust-proofing steel that could serve as a non toxic alternative to traditional hexavalent chromium based coatings.  Read More


Tata Steel to invest £800million in Welsh plants

Global steel giant Tata is planning to invest £800million in the Welsh steel industry over the next five years.  Read More


Novel material could make cars lighter and cheaper to run

A new inexpensive and lightweight material capable of withstanding extreme stresses could make cars and trains more economical to run.  Read More


New material combines best qualities of copper and metal foam

A novel copper foam said to combine the outstanding thermal conductivity of copper with the structural benefits of a metal foam is now available from Huntingdon based manufacturer Goodfellow.  Read More


Container benefits from longest ever Edbro telescopic cylinders

UK metals recycling specialist Dunn Bros' new horizontal container ejection loader depends on telescopic cylinders from Edbro, which, at a 12.5m stroke, are the largest ever produced by the British company.  Read More


Oldest jet powered aircraft airworthy again

In a combined effort to keep the world's oldest flying jet aircraft working, 1940s engineering and 2011 welding expertise have joined forces at manufacturing, engineering, materials and joining specialist TWI.  Read More


New research centre aims to rejuvinate UK metals manufacturing

Brunel University has launched a £9million metal engineering centre in a bid to rejuvenate the UK's flagging manufacturing sector. The Manufacturing Research Centre aims to make a significant contribution to the £17billion a year metals industry through the development of advanced technologies for reuse, remanufacture and recycling of secondary metals. The centre is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).  Read More


Nano twins make super strong copper and stainless steel

A Chinese research group has succeeded in making copper more than 10 times as strong as it is normally, without adversely affecting its electrical conductivity and a popular grade of stainless steel up to five times stronger, by commercially viable manufacturing techniques.  Read More


Squeeze formed wheels are lighter and stronger

Squeeze formed wheels for the Warrior FV150 Infantry Fighting Vehicle are 35% lighter and have a performance life four times longer than traditional forged steel wheels for armoured fighting vehicles, according to GKN Land Systems.  Read More


Nano lubricant project well under way

BHR Group has started working as project manager of the part EC funded AddNano nano lubricant project.  Read More


Brazed assemblies used in Europe’s first mission to Mercury

Morgan Technical Ceramics is supplying ceramic/metal assemblies for the solar-electric propulsion system used in BepiColombo, Europe's first spacecraft mission to Mercury, which is expected to launch in 2014.  Read More


World's largest linear friction welding machine

Developers claim to have created the world's largest linear friction welding machine, capable of welding a suface area of 10.000mm2 - nearly twice as much as previously achieved – and which breaks the record of weld forge load at 100tonnes.  Read More


Digital laser scanner speeds welding of wind towers

A scanning-spot laser sensor designed to automate and speed the manufacture of wind towers has been launched by Meta Vision Systems. Designated DLS200, the sensor is produced at the company's factory in Oxfordshire and can be used on and other structures containing metal of different thickness.  Read More


Inflatable boat designed as underwater vehicle

Gloucestershire based Severn (7) Shipbuilders has designed and developed an innovative rigid inflatable boat that is able to submerge and operate underwater.  Read More


Laser polisher achieves surface smoothness of 50nm

Polishing metal surfaces is a demanding, but monotonous, task. Polishing machines are not believed to be adequate alternative for experts because they cannot get to difficult parts of the surface.   Read More


F1 regulation changes bring better steels for general automotive transmissions

The development of high performance steels to extend the life of transmissions of F1 cars to more than one race is expected to benefit driveline reliability and efficiency of a wide range of vehicles.  Read More


Nanotubes make aluminium nearly as strong as steel

By adding agglomerations of carbon nanotubes to aluminium using powder metallurgy, it is possible to achieve tensile that almost match those of steel.  Read More


Lockheed Martin UK to help re-invent the wheel for world’s fastest car

Lockheed Martin UK is to assist in the design of the wheels for the Bloodhound Supersonic Car.  Read More


Clinics promoting copper innovations to sustain health

The Copper Development Association (CDA) is organising surgeries in Central London, commencing in July, which aim to raise awareness about ways to incorporate copper in health care designs to reduce risks of bacterial infection for patients.  Read More


Copper can be stronger, but retain ductility

Research undertaken at the Technical University of Denmark, in association with the Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has shown that it is possible to produce copper which is four times stronger than commercially available material whilst retaining ductility.  Read More


Copper-bottomed guarantee to beat the bugs

The efficacy of copper and copper alloys has been rediscovered as a means of killing bacteria in hospitals  Read More


On a roll

Advances in steels and roll forming machines are lowering the cost of making structural, high strength 3D parts  Read More


New show focuses on hybrid components

The event, hybridica, will take place in Munich alongside electronics exhibition electronica in November  Read More


Umbrella car wins a prize

The ‘Kota’, conceived by Joonas Vartola, a Finnish student at the Royal College of Arts was awarded the prize for the best individual design in the “Connections Project”, a collaboration between the RCA Vehicle Design department and Corus Automotive focussed on mobility issues in rural areas.  Read More


Better joining of metal to plastic

Rimless spectacles will benefit from a new laser joining process  Read More

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