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The most recent news and innovations from metals and alloys industries. Find news about steel, aluminium, magnesium, copper, new and complex alloys, metal foams as well as joining and manufacturing.

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Titanium used to 3D print automotive parts

A UK company has found a way to produce titanium powder at a much lower cost than was previously possible.  Read More


3D printing enters 'metal age'

The European Space Agency (ESA) is looking to take 3D printing "into the metal age" by building printed parts for jets, spacecraft and fusion projects that can withstand extreme loads and temperatures up to 3,000°C.  Read More


Process could cut cost of titanium by 60%

A new refinery process is being developed in the US that could lower the cost of titanium by up to 60%.  Read More


Materials breakthrough set to benefit aerospace industry

In a breakthrough which could have major implications for the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries, scientists in the US have found a way to dramatically reduce the corrosion rate of lightweight wonder material magnesium.   Read More


Hike in UK steel output

Britain's steel industry has seen increased output in the first half of the year, according to newly released figures from UK Steel.  Read More


Metallic bubble wrap could find use in automotive industry

A new type of metallic bubble wrap that is lighter, stronger and more flexible than sheet metal and more heat and chemical resistant than plastic or other polymer-based bubble wraps has been unveiled by researchers at North Carolina State University.  Read More


Plastic used as heat sink

Japanese electric vehicle pioneer, SIM-DRIVE has used a hybrid polyamide-aluminium to act as a heat sink for its latest concept car.   Read More


£5m project aims to advance understanding of metal alloys

Imperial College London is leading a project to further understand the fundamental properties of metal alloys and advance how they perform when in use.  Read More


Technique promises stronger, lighter magnesium alloys

Engineers from North Carolina State University have developed a new technique for creating stronger, lighter weight magnesium alloys with potential structural applications in the automobile and aerospace industries.  Read More


Monitoring elastic characteristics could provide early warning of material fatigue

A significant percentage of the cost of wind energy is due to wind turbine failures, as components are weakened under turbulent air flow conditions and need to be replaced.  Read More


Eurozone crisis leaves UK steel output at standstill

UK steel output in 2012 remained at a virtual standstill compared to 2011, according to annual data published by UK Steel.  Read More


Process aims to prevent cold cracking in high strength steel

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute have developed a process for making cold cracking in high strength steel more predictable.   Read More


Metal pores advance heat transfer

Versarien has produced a micro-porous metallic material which it hopes will radically change the field of thermal management. Utilising metallurgy research conducted at the University of Liverpool,   Read More


Beryllium-free copper alloy unveiled

Ampco Metal has introduced a copper-nickel-silicone-chromium alloy developed as an alternative to beryllium copper for industrial applications requiring a combination of strength and high thermal conductivity.   Read More


Novel material has twice the yield strength of steel

Wayne State University researchers have engineered an advanced high strength steel which they claim has twice the yield strength and three times the fracture toughness over other advanced steels currently being used in industry today.  Read More


Carbon fibre bonnet promises more fuel efficient cars

Automotive giant Ford has demonstrated a prototype carbon fibre bonnet that it claims could help lower fuel consumption for its customers.   Read More


Stronger action needed on raw material shortage

The Government must take urgent action on the pending raw material crunch facing the UK, warned a broad group of business and environmental organisations. A joint letter from the Material Security Working Group, which includes the EEF and Friends of the Earth, warns that if the UK doesn't develop a stronger strategy to keep valuable raw materials circulating within the economy, there will be significant consequences for UK industry.  Read More


Honda develops technology to weld steel and aluminium together

Looking to reduce vehicle weight and improve fuel economy, automotive giant Honda has developed a new technology for the continuous welding of steel and aluminum.  Read More


New process could prevent cold cracking in high strength steel

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM have developed a new process for making cold cracking in high strength steel more predictable.  Read More


Rolls-Royce blade facility to create 150 UK jobs

Rolls-Royce has begun construction of a state of the art advanced blade casting facility in Rotherham.   Read More


“Stainless steel” film gives quality at a low cost

A new development uses a hard-coated PET film for use as a graphics overlay material on keyboards, fascias and instrument panels.  Read More


New tape bonds varied substrates

Adhesive tape manufacturer Tesa has developed a 'constructive bonding' tape that enables substrates with different thermal coefficients and surface roughness to be bonded for 'decades' in outside applications.  Read More


More from metallic foams

An open pore copper foam has been launched by Versarien that promises to deliver extremely high thermal efficiency, mechanical strength and reduced weight. The porous structure produces heat transfer rates approximately 300% greater than current technology.  Read More


Steel industry calls for shift in vehicle regulations

The World Steel Association has called for vehicle emissions regulations to be based on a total lifecycle assessment (LCA). It said some alternative materials being used to lighten structures such as aluminium, magnesium and carbon fibre produce emissions during manufacture that can be five to 20 times greater than steel.  Read More


Ceramic tips treat tumours

Morgan Technical Ceramics has designed and manufactured ceramic tips for a ground-breaking medical device that destroys tumours in a minimally invasive procedure.  Read More

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