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‘Bio-tribology’ tests defined for orthopaedic implants

The orthopaedic implant sector is in a continual state of development, witnessing an explosion in novel materials' application and radical design alterations. This process is, however, often laced with challenges and articulating joints present a great number of these.  Read More


Sheffield produce world's biggest casting

Whoever said, 'Britain doesn't make anything anymore', obviously isn't from Sheffield. In fact the city is producing some of the largest castings ever produced for German company SMS Meer.  Read More


Service provides on-demand design and optimisation

Established to provide design and optimisation expertise for additive manufactured components to the high end engineering industries, Additive Design Consultancy (ADC), is a new company, based in Essex.  Read More


Microscopic visualisation examines how steels fracture

Researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) have visualised, step-by-step, and on a microscopic level, how certain steels fracture when extreme loads are applied to them. This could help to improve materials used in the automobile industry.  Read More


Elastic waves captured and controlled says research team

Engineering researchers at the University of Missouri have developed a material that has the ability to control elastic waves and believe their technology might have a range of applications.  Read More


Hardide adds US manufacturing facility

Surface coating specialist Hardide Coatings is investing £4.5million in a US manufacturing plant to support customers in the oil and gas, aerospace, flow control and advanced engineering markets. The investment follows a recent increase in the capacity of Hardide's UK facility in Bicester.   Read More


Project launched to half the weight of car exhaust pipes

A project to cut the weight of car exhausts in half is being supported by a grant from the Niche Vehicle Network's Research and Development Programme. Experts from JSE-UK, Unipart Eberspächer and Coventry University - in conjunction with a local high-performance vehicle manufacturer - plan to design and make exhaust systems weighing just 20kg through an intense six-month project.   Read More


Less toxic fuel cells

A new fuel cell concept is set to enhance efficiency while simultaneously removing hazardous heavy metal ions.  Read More


Scottish steel market set for expansion

Following a successful first 18 months for Barrett's Tube Division in Scotland, the company has announced a major investment north of the border with the launch of Barrett Steel Scotland.  Read More


£9m Russian rolls contract for Sheffield engineering firm

Sheffield Forgemasters has secured contracts for forged steel rolls with Russia worth more than £9 million.  Read More


New alloy offers highest strength-to-weight ratio

Researchers from North Carolina State University and Qatar University have developed an alloy that has a low density similar to that of aluminum, but is stronger than titanium.  Read More


Nanodiamonds boost wear resistance of nickel plating

Materials specialist Carbodeon has achieved a threefold improvement in the wear resistance of electroless nickel through the addition of nanodiamonds.  Read More


Stronger, lighter steel developed for automotive industry

Tata Steel has developed a new grade of steel for the automotive industry. The move is in response to market requirements for stronger and lighter steels.  Read More


Steel pistons cut fuel consumption by 3%

As part of its quest for ever greater fuel economy, Mercedes-Benz has replaced the aluminium pistons in its diesel passenger cars with hi-tech steel ones.  Read More


Airbus puts its faith in 3D printed parts

Airbus, in conjunction with tier 1 supplier GKN Aerospace, is increasingly exploring the possibilities of using additive manufacturing (AM) to produce parts for its jetliners.  Read More


Material is as light as aerogel but 10,000 times stronger

In a development that could revolutionise the aerospace and automotive industries, researchers from MIT and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have developed a new class of ultra lightweight materials that are as light as aerogels, yet 10,000 stronger.  Read More


Aerospace castings facility gets £7m cash injection

The University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre has secured £7million in funding for research into large titanium castings for the next generation of aircraft.  Read More


Bloodhound SSC: Inside the cockpit of a 1,000mph car

Described by driver Andy Green as his '1,000mph office', the Bloodhound SSC's new cockpit is a true showcase of world class engineering design.  Read More


Stronger, more ductile steel the promise of new technique

Researchers have found a way to improve the strength of steel without sacrificing ductility.  Read More


EOS has metal materials for AM applications

German manufacturer EOS has introduced two new materials for 3D printing applications – the titanium Ti64ELI and the EOS StainlessSteel 316L.  Read More


Self-healing paint stops military vehicles from rusting

A powder that could allow scratched or chipped paint to 'heal like human skin' is being investigated by researchers at the Office of Naval Research and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.  Read More


Titanium seats cut aircraft weight

Lightweight aircraft passenger seats have been developed by French firm Expliseat.  Read More


UK steel production on road to recovery

British crude steel production averaged 228,000 tonnes a week in 2013, 23.7% higher than the previous year.  Read More


Plastic manifold to feature on Ford's latest V6 engine

Ford has swapped out brazed metal manifold components in two of its new V6 engines with a lightweight plastic part made from DuPont's Zytel HTN PPA resin.  Read More


AM holds promise for cheaper aircraft parts

A recent study has concluded that the cost of some aircraft parts could be substantially reduced if additive manufacturing methods were used instead of more traditional processes.  Read More

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