Metals and Alloys Features

Find in depth design and production features about metals and alloys. Our editors bring you a host of the latest thinking, views and opinions about this more traditional material type. Find out how to get more from design and manufacture, as well as the latest updates from the next generation of metallics.

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Composites and metals combine for strength

Tom Shelley reports on how composite patches can strengthen metal structures and thick metal coatings can enhance composites.   Read More


The sticking point

Eureka's Joining & Fastening Round Table event concluded that much greater knowledge and consideration of joining techniques is needed.  Read More


Light alloys set to fly

Tom Shelley reports on latest developments in magnesium alloys  Read More


Steel advances

Tom Shelley reports on some of the dramatic advances now being made in very high strength steels that are low enough in cost to be used in mass market products  Read More


Safety first

Tom Shelley reports on some of the cutting edge developments in the oil and gas sector.  Read More


Welding techniques boost aerospace

British-developed technologies allow the fabrication of more advanced rocket fuel tanks and nozzles as well as ground based products.  Read More


Titanium advances into new markets

Tom Shelley reports on why more designers should take a serious look at using titanium alloys.  Read More


Process modelling improves aero engine design

Rolls-Royce uses modelling of aero engine disc manufacturing processes to enhance the understanding of process, material and component design interactions. Justin Cunningham reports.  Read More


A clear future for plastic bonding

A fast way of joining plastics and synthetic fabrics, especially those that are transparent  Read More


Metal technology powers onward for efficiency

Tom Shelley reports on metallurgy at the leading edge, especially where it delivers energy efficiency and power  Read More


Nanotechnology leaves the labs

Can aluminium loaded with nanotubes offer a genuine alternative to advanced alloys and carbon composites? Justin Cunningham reports  Read More


Metal laser sintering of titanium gains importance in the market

An increasing number of applications involving series production and customised manufacture of parts from titanium powder is reported by EOS, which manufactures additive layer, laser sintering systems at its Krailling factory near Munich.  Read More


Amorphous steel transforms electrical efficiency

Super efficient transformers with cores made of amorphous steel have been introduced to the UK by Wilson Power Solutions in Leeds  Read More


Steel alloy fabric is a cut above

Tom Shelley reports on prize winning health and safety innovations that rely upon advanced materials   Read More


Joining high strength steels

Progress in arc welding and brazing high strength steels. Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Active tilting set to roll out

The tandem two seater urban car that aims to ease congestion and have low emissions for the inner city. Justin Cunningham investigates  Read More


Magnetic fields generate volts

Tom Shelley reports on a new family of sensors and transducers coming to market that are based on advanced materials  Read More


Hard work

The continued development of a hard coating process is set to benefit mould toolmakers, Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Copper-bottomed guarantee to beat hospital infections

The efficacy of copper and copper alloys has been rediscovered as a means of killing bacteria in hospitals. Tom Shelley reports  Read More


PVD coatings enhance temperature resistance of titanium aluminides

PVD coatings are being developed that are expected to allow titanium aluminides, which offer very high strength to weight ratios, to be used at higher temperatures  Read More


Heart of glass

Renewed understanding of how glass is formed could form the basis for a new family of high strength materials. Julie Bieles reports  Read More


On a roll

Advances in steels and roll forming machines are lowering the cost of making structural, high strength 3D parts. Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Brazing joint boosts titanium enclosures

A new type of brazing joint will help designers to improve the thermal properties of hermetic titanium enclosures  Read More


Joined together

Delegates at the Joining Technologies Design Day learnt about lots of new techniques in joining – and the best way to pull their fingers apart after a superglue accident. Lou Reade reports  Read More


Lightning strike framework

A Nimrod aircraft has been surrounded in more than 4.5km of aluminium profile in a framework in order to conduct lightning strike tests  Read More

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