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New technique turns 2D patterns into 3D objects using only light

Researchers from North Carolina State University have discovered a simple way to convert 2D patterns into 3D objects using only light.  Read More


Lightweight concrete utilises glass fibre composite

A new type of concrete reinforced with glass fibre composite has been developed by materials manufacturer Sabic Innovative Plastics.  Read More


Biologically inspired tape can be re-used thousands of times

Researchers at the University of Kiel in Germany have taken inspiration from nature to produce an adhesive tape that can be repeatedly peeled off surfaces without losing adhesion.  Read More


Metal foam triples cooling power

Versarien is launching a patented, open pore metal foam, developed by the University of Liverpool, which combines extremely high thermal efficiency with mechanical strength and reduced weight.   Read More


Insulating material retains properties up to 1300°C

Goodfellow's Technical Glass has announced a new range of high temperature, fibre based insulation products that are safe to use and retain their properties at temperatures up to 1300°C.  Read More


3D printing material addresses medical and dental applications

Rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing specialist, Objet has unveiled a new bio-compatible 3D printing material.  Read More


Low cost blended carbon fibre yarns developed by UK partners

A multi partner UK project, Fibrecycle, has developed a new generation of high performance, low cost co-mingled carbon fibre yarns and fabrics, with funding support from the Technology Strategy Board.  Read More


Engineers devise new way to inspect advanced materials

Aeronautics engineers have unveiled a new method of detecting internal damage when building airplanes by using a simple handheld device and heat sensitive camera.  Read More


New plastic automatically repairs itself

Researchers have announced a 'self healing' plastic that can automatically repair itself and stop the growth of microcracks. The OSIRIS project is being run by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research with researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT in Oberhausen.  Read More


Aluminium foam could reduce weight of ships by 30%

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology have experimented with an aluminium powder that could replace steel plates in vessels and reduce their weight by up to 30%. For an average sized freight vessel with a capacity of 7000m³, this corresponds to a weight reduction of more than 1000 tons.  Read More


Nanocoating sprays offer versatility for large scale processes

Scientists claim to have developed a new range of nanocoating sprays with optical, electronic, and biological properties. According to researchers from the Institut Charles Sadron in Strasbourg, the ultrathin coatings are especially versatile and suitable for large scale processes.  Read More


Breakthrough 3d molecular structures set to shape future of nanotechnology?

Scientists at The University of Nottingham have, for the first time, demonstrated how 3d molecular structures can be built on a surface; a breakthrough they claim will shape the future of nanotechnology.  Read More


Titanium foams replace injured bones

A new kind of implant, made of titanium foam, has been announced by researchers from the Fraunhofer institute.  Read More


Innovative hi-tech dress to be unveiled at BEEAs

A hi-tech dress designed by a 17 year old student will be unveiled at this year's British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs) on 14th October.  Read More


Squeeze formed wheels are lighter and stronger

Squeeze formed wheels for the Warrior FV150 Infantry Fighting Vehicle are 35% lighter and have a performance life four times longer than traditional forged steel wheels for armoured fighting vehicles, according to GKN Land Systems.  Read More


Spray on liquid glass is on the way

Researchers have announced a new spray on liquid glass, which they claim is transparent, non-toxic and that can protect a wide range of surfaces from water, radiation, dirt and bacteria.   Read More


Glasses cases incorporate innovative clear plastic material

A British design and innovation company has engineered and manufactured an innovative clear glasses case using a new clear plastic material made by DuPont.  Read More


Diamond electronic devices pave way for lower cost renewable energy

Durham based Evince Technology says it has developed the worlds first commercial diamond electronic device.  Read More


Carbon composite process improves surface finish by eliminating lacquer

Automotive and motorsport technology specialist, Prodrive, has developed an answer to the problem of lacquer deterioration on visible carbon composite parts.  Read More


BASF supports environmentally friendly Formula 3 car

BASF's Catalysts Division is supporting the first racing car designed and made from renewable materials. The WorldFirst Formula 3 car, which was developed by the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre (WIMRC) at the University of Warwick, has recently completed successful test runs.  Read More


Deadline close for Euro materials funding

Anyone interested in participating in the funding initiative for the Matera+ pan European materials project needs to file their pre proposal online by May 15th 2009,   Read More


Ceramic sintering modelled successfully

Software has been developed that will hopefully remove the trial and error element from developing ceramic components   Read More


Cleaner and cheaper pcbs

Researchers are exploring whether laser technology can provide a low-cost, chemical-free method of making a key component used in electronic products from microwave ovens to computers.   Read More


Bone inspired hybrid foams

A group of Fraunhofer Institutes is engaged in a project to develop hybrid foams, that they say, could combine the flexibility of plastics with the resilience of metal to create a material with entirely new properties.  Read More


On a roll

Advances in steels and roll forming machines are lowering the cost of making structural, high strength 3D parts  Read More

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