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Materials cut powder waste for 3D printing

EOS has introduced two new powder materials for 3D printing of plastic components that it says have ecological compatibility, high technical performance and low manufacturing costs.  Read More


New material could make carbon capture more efficient

Researchers at the University of South Florida and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology have discovered a more efficient, less expensive and reusable material for CO2 capture and separation.  Read More


Silicone rubber exhibits both viscous and elastic properties

University of Virginia physicist Lou Bloomfield has created a new type of silicone rubber called Vistik that is malleable enough to take on any shape when pressed, but still resilient enough to regain its original shape.  Read More


Study of remora fish could lead to new adhesives

Engineers in the US have taken inspiration from the way remora fish attach themselves to predators to develop a new type of adhesive.   Read More


Superhydrophobic coating repels almost any liquid

Ultra-tech, a Florida-based containment provider for chemical clean-up and waste management, has developed a super-hydrophobic and oleophobic coating that can repel almost any liquid.  Read More


Competition aims to support sustainable materials innovation

The Technology Strategy Board is to invest up to £5million in collaborative R&D projects that encourage the development and application of sustainable materials, products and processes.  Read More


Shark skin coating could reduce aircraft drag

Researchers in Germany have developed a technique to emboss the structures of shark skin into aircraft paints.  Read More


Heat activated smart materials to debut in 2014 Corvette

Chevrolet has revealed its intentions to incorporate heat activated smart materials into the 2014 Corvette.  Read More


New material captures and releases trapped CO2

A new material developed at Australia's Monash University is capable of absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide, and then releasing it when exposed to sunlight.  Read More


Novel material dislodges bacteria from ship hulls

Duke University engineers have developed a material that can be applied like paint to the hull of a ship to dislodge bacteria.   Read More


Bio-inspired fibres change colour when stretched

Materials scientists from the University of Exeter have developed colour tunable, photonic fibres that change colour when stretched, a breakthrough which they believe could lend itself toward smart fabrics that visibly react to heat or pressure.  Read More


UK coatings specialist secures TSB funding

Oxfordshire-based firm Hardide Coatings has secured a £250,000 grant from the Technology Strategy Board to commercialise a new hardfacing coating for the drilling industry.  Read More


Metamaterials used to create lens-less imaging system

Duke University engineers have used metamaterials to create a cheap, ultra efficient imaging sensor that doesn't require a lens to generate a picture.  Read More


Nanoscale coating repels almost any liquid

A nanoscale coating that causes almost any liquid to bounce off surfaces treated with it has been developed by a team from the University of Michigan.  Read More


UK ‘falling behind’ in global graphene race

Research from UK firm CambridgeIP shows that most research into the wonder material graphene, and the resulting patents, are now going abroad.   Read More


New material harvests energy from water vapour

MIT researchers have developed a new material that changes its shape after absorbing water vapour.  Read More


Doosan multi-tasking lathe enables military precision

A Doosan multi-tasking lathe has solved a bottle neck problem of a small Devon based precision engineering firm.  Read More


Technyl polyamide used in high temperature turbo

Technyl polyamide from Rhodia Engineering Plastics has been chosen by Röchling Automotive for the manufacturing of turbocharger air ducts which have to resist temperatures of up to 210°C.  Read More


Earthquake protection for the home

Bayer MaterialScience and its partners from industry and academia have developed an efficient and affordable earthquake protection for buildings.   Read More


Aluminium foam has evenly spaced open pores

Metals and materials suppliers, Goodfellow, has announced the availability of a unique, cost-effective aluminium foam that offers superior heat exchange and impact absorption for a wide range of applications.  Read More


Lightweight material set to improve protection for armoured vehicles

Lockheed Martin has teamed up with University of Surrey researchers to develop a new lightweight material that could improve the protection and survivability of armoured vehicles, including those used by the British Army and Special Forces.  Read More


New material said to triple efficiency of organic solar cells

Engineers in the US have discovered a new sandwich-like material which they claim boosts the efficiency of organic solar cells by 175%.  Read More


3D blocks of graphene mimic elastic structure of cork

Researchers in the US have taken inspiration from one of the oldest natural materials in the world to exploit the extraordinary properties of graphene.  Read More


Researchers develop new class of inexpensive thermoelectric materials

A team from Michigan State University has used common, natural minerals known as tetrahedrites to develop a new class of highly efficient, inexpensive thermoelectric materials.  Read More


Advanced materials used to create artificial muscle

Artificial muscles that can lift more than 100,000 times their own weight and generate 85 times more mechanical power than natural muscle of the same size have been unveiled at the University of Texas at Dallas.  Read More

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