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The latest news from the composites industry including new material science, engineering breakthroughs, processing, production and manufacture.

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Nanotechnology creates energy efficient materials

A UK researcher is fabricating light and strong resistant materials with nano-additives in a bid to develop lighter components for automotive and aerospace industries.   Read More


Composites challenge aims to put UK at forefront of industry

A consortium of 22 companies across British industry has concluded a one year challenge to progress the UK's manufacturing capabilities in the growing field of composites.  Read More


Low cost blended carbon fibre yarns developed by UK partners

A multi partner UK project, Fibrecycle, has developed a new generation of high performance, low cost co-mingled carbon fibre yarns and fabrics, with funding support from the Technology Strategy Board.  Read More


Coloured polymer material to offer new defence against fraud?

Scientists from the University of Sheffield have developed a pigment free, intensely coloured polymer material that could provide new anti counterfeit devices on passports or banknotes due to its difficulty to copy.  Read More


Breakthrough material is as thin as paper and stronger than steel

Scientists have developed a new composite material based on graphite, which they claim is as thin as paper and 10 times stronger than steel.  Read More


‘World’s longest’ composite bridge debuts in Madrid

A new, innovative bridge made of carbon composites has been unveiled in Madrid.  Read More


Engineers devise new way to inspect advanced materials

Aeronautics engineers have unveiled a new method of detecting internal damage when building airplanes by using a simple handheld device and heat sensitive camera.  Read More


New plastic automatically repairs itself

Researchers have announced a 'self healing' plastic that can automatically repair itself and stop the growth of microcracks. The OSIRIS project is being run by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research with researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT in Oberhausen.  Read More


ESA funding used to transfer technology from rocket fuel tanks to oil rigs

New funding from the European Space Agency (ESA) is enabling German manufacturer Formtech to use technology traditionally used to shape rocket fuel tanks to form floats for industrial chemical tanks and oil rigs. The technology, called 'super plastic forming' involves heating special alloys of titanium or corrosion resistant steel just enough to make them soft.   Read More


UK airline tests nanotechnology for fuel efficiency

easyJet has become the first commercial airline to trial a nanotechnology coating on its aircraft. According to the UK airline, the ultra thin coating will reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency.  Read More


Polymer-metal composite can monitor itself

Researchers at the Fraunfhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Material Research (IFAM) have developed a polymer-metal composite material which, they say, can be used to create plastic components that can monitor themselves.  Read More


New composite for extreme cold

Engineers at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center have invented a new composite and new joining technologies in order to construct the frame of the Integrated Science Instrument Module for the James Webb Space Telescope  Read More


Hot composite coating wins a prize

Zircotec's zirconia coating for carbon fibre composite that was described in the September 2010 edition of Eureka won the 2010 Plastic industry Best Technology Application of the Year Award at the London Hilton  Read More


ARRK unveils new glass-like resin

ARRK's rapid prototyping division has expanded its range of stereolithography materials with the launch of a new water-clear resin.  Read More


UKTI grants for JEC exhibitors now available

A limited number of UKTI Trade Access Programme (TAP) grants are now available for UK companies to exhibit at JEC Asia in Singapore 2010. The grants are for £1000.   Read More


UK composites company creates hands for world’s largest mechanical clock

A Derby company which specialises in making body panels for Formula 1 cars has manufactured four sets of 'super light' hands for the world's largest mechanical clock.  Read More


Advanced materials speed solar plane

Nanotubes are likely to form a crucial part of the Swiss Solar Impulse round the world plane project.  Read More


Carbon fibre breakthrough key to production supercar

Key to McLaren's new MP4-12C sports car is its carbon fibre 'MonoCell' whose hollow tubular construction not only protects its occupants but provides the main structural strength of the vehicle.   Read More


Composite awards feature aircraft, bicycles and the environment

Aerospace developments feature heavily among the 11 winners of the JEC Innovations Awards 2010 but there are also bicycle wheels, a biodegradable wind turbine and two new materials technologies.  Read More


Compliant materials could fly as well as protect hospital patients

Compliant systems, which transmit forces without using joints, are in the process of being brought to market in hospital beds but also show potential for use in medical tools, robot grippers and aircraft wings.   Read More


Composite could provide power and strength in automotive applications

Parts of a car's bodywork could, one day, double up as its battery, according to a research team that includes Imperial College. The three year €3.4million project is aiming to develop a prototype material which can not only store and discharge electrical energy, but which is also strong and lightweight enough to be used for car parts. Ultimately, the researchers expect the material could make hybrid petrol/electric vehicles lighter, more compact and more energy efficient.  Read More


Composites show rewards innovation

This year's JEC Composites Show in Paris will play host to an Innovation Awards Programme which will see 11 companies and their partners receive awards.  Read More


Glasses cases incorporate innovative clear plastic material

A British design and innovation company has engineered and manufactured an innovative clear glasses case using a new clear plastic material made by DuPont.  Read More


Nano science breakthrough set to improve composites

Japanese material scientists have developed multi walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) that can be embedded into composite materials.  Read More


University plans faster splash

A team of academics and students at the University of Southampton have begun work on a fast, solar-electric powered boat which they expect to be even better than the award winning one they entered in last year's Solar Splash event.  Read More

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