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Find in depth design and production features about composites. Our editors bring you a host of the latest thinking, innovation, materials views and opinions about new and exotic composites, how to design to get the most from them, and new methods to manufacture them as cost effectively as possible.

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New shape helps to resist pressure

By forming special shaped grooves into tubes, it is possible to make lightweight pipes that can withstand immense external pressures.  Read More


Bio composites become a genuine alternative

Tom Shelley cuts through some of the green hype and highlights where biologically produced materials and sustainability really can bring benefits  Read More


Composites proved for submarine hulls

Pressure testing of an experimental composite submarine hull at the University of Portsmouth has validated finite element analysis (FEA) models it had created  Read More


Nature shapes superior surfaces

Advanced engineering coatings that are harder, more non stick and work at higher temperatures are being developed as an alternative to PTFE. These low cost coatings are also unable to get wet, can enhance fluid flow or act as thermal barriers.  Read More


DSEi 2009 preview

Over 1350 exhibitors from across the globe will be showcasing the latest innovations at this year's Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) running from September 8 to 11  Read More


Thick sandwiches designed for infusion

Tom Shelley investigates a new type of sandwich material that could replace aluminium honeycomb in defence and aerospace applications  Read More


System analysis enhances artificial limb design

Tom Shelley reports on a mechanical coupling that dramatically improves the lives of leg amputees  Read More


Polymer research pays off for safety

Tom Shelley investigates the advantages brought by advanced polymer technologies to personal protective equipment  Read More


Curing round studs increases integrity

Tom Shelley reports on a way of improving the integrity and strength of joints between composites and metals  Read More


Metal-polymers have shining future

Tom Shelley reports on a novel material technology that has great potential for low cost solar cells and a host of other applications  Read More


Advanced Materials Land In The UK

The aerospace industry’s dogmatic pursuit of composites could make the material more accessible to other sectors, Justin Cunningham reports…  Read More


Absorbing the payback, extracting the benefits

Tom Shelley reports on latest developments in composites reinforced with natural fibres  Read More


Sports car made to be greener

Lotus has developed a special green edition of its Elise sports car, the “Eco Elise”, using natural materials  Read More


New composites could suit fuel cells and biosensors

Composites made of glucose oxidase (GOx), carbon nanotubes and biologically synthesised silica have been developed with the aim of using them in biosensors and biofuel cells  Read More


Composites on the wing

The aerospace industry is embracing composites in a big way. Lou Reade reports on some of the latest innovations  Read More


Composite vehicle wins first hydrogen car race

The first ever ‘Formula Zero’ race for hydrogen-powered cars was won in Rotterdam on 23 August 2008   Read More


Thermal barrier coating for composites

A plasma-sprayed, ceramic, thermal barrier coating has been developed that is suitable for use with composites  Read More


Nature struts its stuff

Tom Shelley reports on some of the latest material fabrication ideas originally prototyped by nature  Read More


F1 expertise fuels engineering breakthrough

Tom Shelley reports on radical design technologies developed in Formula 1 and now being made available for mainstream engineering  Read More


Turning up the heat

An aeroplane wing that can de-ice itself in flight is one application of a new type of composite technology. Lou Reade reports  Read More


Taking the hits without flinching

Tom Shelley reports on a new means of creating composites to absorb impacts, regardless of whether they are delivered fast or slow  Read More


Weaving aramid with carbon makes for better composites

Optimum composite sheet properties could be achieved by combining aramid and carbon fibres in the weave.  Read More


Chimney camera takes the heat

When extreme heat kicks in, how do you insulate electronics against the potential consequences? Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Why carbon is hot news

Tom Shelley reports on advanced heat spreaders and heat insulators – from the very expensive to the more economical – but all carbon-based  Read More


Sky-high ambitions for carbon fibre re-use

A new process is enabling carbon fibre from composites to be recovered and re-used in new composites. Tom Shelley reports  Read More

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