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Find in depth design and production features about composites. Our editors bring you a host of the latest thinking, innovation, materials views and opinions about new and exotic composites, how to design to get the most from them, and new methods to manufacture them as cost effectively as possible.

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Composites step up: JEC 2012 review

This year's JEC show revealed a host of innovation stemming from the materials world. It is fair to say there was quite a positive buzz, with many not feeling the same economic pinch that has ravaged other sectors. In fact, the economy was hardly mentioned with many exhibitors boasting full order books and talking about the growing confidence in the engineering and manufacturing sector.  Read More


Show preview: JEC Europe

JEC Europe – Europe's largest composites exhibition – will open its doors in Paris, Porte de Versailles, on 27-29 March 2012.  Read More


Automotive brake disc provides high performance at lower cost

Manufacturers have long sought to improve the durability and performance of automotive brake discs, which are subject to tremendous temperature and pressure changes. The current range of brake discs are mostly made from cast iron, except for very high performance discs which are made up of a ceramic composite.  Read More


Advanced Engineering Show 2011: Adressing material shortcomings

The Advanced Engineering show held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) served up a host of innovative materials for engineers to assess and critique. The sheer number of materials available on the market has never been more varied. But there is no perfect material and it is up to engineers to find the best fit for the product or application at hand.  Read More


New materials at Composites show

The Composites Engineering Show 2011 will be showing some of the latest developments in this exciting sector. Paul Fanning reports.   Read More


Composite wheels boost impact resistance

A British company has developed composite wheels that offer a variety of benefits. Paul Fanning reports.   Read More


Cover story: Making a material difference

In advance of the opening of the National Composites Centre in Bristol this year, Paul Fanning finds out what this facility could mean for UK industry.  Read More


Metals work with composites for aerospace

Tom Shelley reports on why both metals and composites are crucial in aerospace constructions.   Read More


Nano composites make stronger alloys

Tom Shelley reports on the latest breakthrough in commercially-available metal matrix composites.   Read More


'Green' composites save money

Tom Shelley reports on two ways of making eco composites with financial benefits.  Read More


Composites and metals combine for strength

Tom Shelley reports on how composite patches can strengthen metal structures and thick metal coatings can enhance composites.   Read More


Engineering tomorrow

Tom Shelley looks at developments in the last 30 years and makes some predictions about the next 30.  Read More


Ceramics in a bag give extra strength

Tom Shelley reports on a construction that allows ceramics to withstand massive impacts.  Read More


Hot coatings for composites

Tom Shelley reports on coatings that can protect composites against intense heat and provide other beneficial properties.  Read More


Sintered plastics control fluids on micro scale

Tom Shelley reports on some of the applications of very fine-grained, high-purity, sintered plastic.  Read More


Complex materials boost performances

Tom Shelley reports on partly bio-based materials that outperform conventional resins.  Read More


Sculpted surfaces produced by beams

Tom Shelley reports on progress with a process for producing metal surfaces with protuberances and pits that is now finding commercial application.  Read More


Stopping all danger

Tom Shelley reports on some of the materials and technologies involved in producing armour  Read More


New carbon-carbon composite breaks through the cost barrier

Tom Shelley reports on the development of technology that revolutionises the manufacture of high-performance friction materials  Read More


New shape helps to resist pressure

By forming special shaped grooves into tubes, it is possible to make lightweight pipes that can withstand immense external pressures.  Read More


Bio composites become a genuine alternative

Tom Shelley cuts through some of the green hype and highlights where biologically produced materials and sustainability really can bring benefits  Read More


Composites proved for submarine hulls

Pressure testing of an experimental composite submarine hull at the University of Portsmouth has validated finite element analysis (FEA) models it had created  Read More


Nature shapes superior surfaces

Advanced engineering coatings that are harder, more non stick and work at higher temperatures are being developed as an alternative to PTFE. These low cost coatings are also unable to get wet, can enhance fluid flow or act as thermal barriers.  Read More


DSEi 2009 preview

Over 1350 exhibitors from across the globe will be showcasing the latest innovations at this year's Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) running from September 8 to 11  Read More


Thick sandwiches designed for infusion

Tom Shelley investigates a new type of sandwich material that could replace aluminium honeycomb in defence and aerospace applications  Read More

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