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Recycled plastic barrels create cheap wind power for developing countries

After a long struggle, an important step forward has been made with the development of a 250W turbine, designed to charge batteries at remote locations.   Read More


BEEAs shortlist announced

The judges have convened, the votes are in and the shortlists for this year's British Engineering Excellence Awards have been drawn up.   Read More


Bloodhound SSC's cockpit instruments

Bloodhound SSC's cockpit instruments:  Read More


Richard Noble's Bloodhound Project diary

I apologise – my web updates always seem to be late and I feel I am letting you down! The reality is that with a team hell bent on achievement, Bloodhound moves at a massive pace and we find ourselves working all hours.  Read More


Are you hiding your light?

It could be argued that the UK has never needed its engineers to innovate more than it does now.   Read More


Andy Green's Bloodhound Project diary

We've been talking about the move from 'research programme' to 'build phase' for the last few months. Having proved that we can build the world's first 1000 mph Car, it's time to get on with it. For reasons I can't really explain, the change has happened quite suddenly and noticeably. In military terms, we're now on a 'war footing' – the preparation is largely over and it's time for action!  Read More


Manufacturing is a priority

Now the political horse trading is over, it's time to get on with running the country again and the consensus is the economy - and reducing the country's borrowing - is priority number one.  Read More


Hoping for change

On the day when the country goes to the polls, regardless of our various political views, it must be hoped that whatever government emerges from the process appreciates and supports manufacturing industry.  Read More


Andy Green's Bloodhound Project diary

Wing Commander Andy Green, driver of the 1000mph Bloodhound land speed record car, reports on the latest developments of the project.  Read More


Richard Noble's Bloodhound Project diary

We started BLOODHOUND officially in June 2007- that was 33 months ago – 33 months of hell at my end keeping the programme afloat – but this next week we believe the Aero team will come up with the final shape of the car.  Read More


Shouldering the green burden

More by accident than design, the theme that comes across strongly in this month's issue of Eureka is the environment.  Read More


Time is money and manufacturing is a solution

Since the global economic crisis exposed the UK's reliance on the financial services sector, manufacturing has enjoyed a renaissance. Now, the sector is seen as one of the ways of turning things around. But it's going to be a long haul. Findlay Media's Manufacturing Summit, held on 4 March in London, provided the platform for strong debate on the future of UK manufacturing.  Read More


Just buy me a blue dress

That was the last thing my wife said to me as she kissed me goodbye and I settled into the cab bound for the airport. I was departing for a week long business trip to the US and her parting request was for a blue dress. "Sure," I thought. "How hard can that be?"  Read More


Getting some answers

Becoming editor of Eureka just as the UK emerges officially from 18 months of recession feels like fortuitous timing.   Read More


A new industrial society?

We have been told for some years now that skills will be vital as the UK develops a knowledge based economy. The financial crisis has reinforced that thinking and now the talk is of a new industrial society, rather than a post industrial one.  Read More


Richard Noble's Bloodhound Project diary

I'm late again – the workload here is massive and getting time for creative writing is proving really difficult!  Read More


Andy Green's Bloodhound Project diary

After months of waiting, lots of great things have come together all at once. The final design of the Car, the move into our new HQ, the confirmation of our run location and the new animation video which is fantastic!  Read More


BEEAs finalist Matthew Luethi blogs his subsequent progress with his silent vertical axis wind turbines

I had been asked to explain the workings of my turbines to several Groups of Students so I built a working tabletop model 50 cm X 40 cm.  Read More


'Real engineering' needs real support from Government

The Hinton Lecture is one of the Royal Academy of Engineering's prestige events. This year, the lecture was given by industry secretary Lord Mandelson, who used the opportunity to call for more 'real engineering'.  Read More


BEEAs finalist Matthew Luethi blogs his subsequent progress with his silent vertical axis wind turbines

Today, I had some good news for my turbine and my project. Encraft did the most extensive trials of Wind Turbines on Houses here in the UK on behalf of the Carbon Trust. 26 Wind turbines were installed on roofs in Warwick.   Read More


Government must put its money where its mouth is

The Government has thrown its weight behind an all electric car that will be designed and developed solely in the UK.  Read More


Richard Noble's Bloodhound Project diary

I failed to get the September blog together in good time, and Nick Chapman is not pleased again – we're into November, and here's the October report!  Read More


More ‘real engineering’ needed

Delivering the Hinton Lecture to the Royal Academy of Engineering earlier this week, industry secretary Lord Mandelson called for more 'real engineering'.  Read More


BEEAs finalist Matthew Luethi blogs his subsequent progress with his silent vertical axis wind turbines

We had an exceptional good meeting with Hisko Baas from, part of, and the UK mast manufacturer CU Phosco.  Read More


Will the UK get left behind?

After a recent trip to the Motek automation show in Stuttgart, one thing was apparent. While figures may suggest that the German economy is through the recession, it was hard to find exhibitors that shared the optimism. Things are still tough and are likely to remain so for some time.  Read More

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