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Pressure is building on the automotive industry to reduce emissions

Deadlines mean different things to different people. To some, they're rigid; stuck hard and fast with little or no wiggle room. For others, it's simply a moment to reassess progress. Regardless, the general trait is to leave more to the last minute than is comfortable. So, as pressure mounts to deliver, the last push is often the most productive time of a project.  Read More


GUEST BLOG: UK suppliers mitigate ‘Brexit risk’ for manufacturers

UK-based producers of plastic goods would benefit from operating in a more secure and lower-risk raw material supply chain if they switched to locally-based suppliers, thereby lessening the potential of impact of Brexit, claims Keith Freegard, director of Axion Polymers.  Read More


Expect things to get more complex in 2017

It’s a year that’s been, well, unexpected. By all accounts 2016 will be remembered as the year the UK voted for Brexit, Trump won the White House and numerous celebrities passed away. So what on Earth can we expect from 2017?  Read More


The potential of graphene for the composite market

Stronger than a diamond yet a million times thinner than a human hair, the properties of graphene are astounding. The market for this material may still be in its infancy, but graphene is already being hailed as one of the most disruptive technologies of our time. For the composite market, there is no doubt that using graphene could open up a host of new possibilities. Here, John Cove, marketing manager of test and measurement specialist, Starrett, discusses the impact this new technology will have on product design and manufacturing.  Read More


Are biopolymers a green choice?

Biopolymers, as discussed before on the pages of Engineering Materials, are a bit of a confusing topic. Everyone from the engineers looking to specify them to the general public that will consume them, feels a bit baffled about what they actually are and what they offer. For plastics, using the word ‘bio’ is akin to those in the electronics industry adding ‘i’ in front of the name. It can be... misleading.  Read More


Composites to plateau

The use of composites throughout industry has been on an upward and expanding path this last decade. It was kicked off, at least in a major way, by Boeing when it announced the Dreamliner all the way back in December 2003.  Read More


BEEAs spring to action

Our search is now on for this year's industry stars. The entry process for the British Engineering Excellence Awards is now underway and open to any company or individual who are carrying out engineering design in the UK.  Read More


Brexit: Mudslinging begins as mixed messages, propaganda and misinformation dominate debate

Batten down the hatches and tie them tight. There is a storm coming and it’s going to hit everyone. It’s a political storm of course, so expect copious mudslinging from all sides.  Read More


Design Evolution vs Technology Revolution

Did you know there is such a thing as the VW Golf syndrome? It's not those that simply love the car, but rather more of a condition that most engineers and designers suffer from at some point in their careers.  Read More


Are we about to say goodbye to the steel industry?

The metals industry's woes continued this week, as Tata Steel, the UK’s largest producer, announced a further 1050 job cuts. While the material has seen a steady decline in demand by most major sectors, its actual manufacture tells another, more troubling, tale.  Read More


The changing face of engineering

At the time of writing this, I’m at the LiveWorx conference in Germany. The event is run by PTC, which many will know as a CAD and PLM software provider. So, why is it turning its focus away from design and the management of engineering activities, to tell European press and analysts about the Internet of Things?  Read More


Disruptive technology? More like frustrating promises and slow progress

We are living in an age of ‘disruptive technologies’. At least that’s what everyone keeps telling me. But for me, like many engineers, the promise of it all often falls short of being delivered. And it’s frustrating.  Read More


Inspired by nature: the next generation of medical textiles

Chemists and materials scientists have long been inspired by Mother Nature. High-performance swimwear based on the texture of sharkskin, and smartphone screens that have learned from the naturally-antireflective coatings in moth eyes are just two high-profile examples. At the University of Bolton, we’re working on a range of bio-inspired materials that may change the way the human body heals itself.  Read More


Is it time to take humans out of the loop?

I admit it, I'm a pretty terrible back seat driver. It is not so much that I'm particularly vocal with advice to others, it's more that I'm what's called 'a flincher'. Get too close, brake too late or even change lanes, and there I am, quietly tensing up, getting nervous and generally looking uncomfortable.  Read More


How 'free' are you?

With the General Election now in the dim and distant past, it is time to look forward and get on with things. But, it's got me thinking, how 'free' are we, really?  Read More


The right creative spark

Industrial designers do speak in a slightly different language to us engineers. At a recent conference the delegates, all industrial designers, were encouraged to get emotional, understand the human problems and even 'love the unknown'. I am not being sniffy or dismissive - these industrial designers were producing some truly beautiful and innovative products - even if it is the design engineers who have to make their concepts a reality.   Read More


Why engineers should use the pragmatic vote at the election

This will be one of the last Eureka blogs before the General Election on May 7th 2015, after which, it is fairly safe to assume, we are in for some form of administration change – even if it is another coalition. Are we likely to see the Conservatives and Lib Dems partnering again? Probably not, but in a political climate in which principles seem secondary to pragmatism, you can't rule anything out, nor anything in.  Read More


High volume composite manufacture finally here?

I remember talking to spacecraft engineers about composite materials over 15 years ago, and how the commercial aircraft industry would struggle to ever capitalise on the materials advantageous properties. And they did struggle, but it is hard to now ever imagine Boeing or Airbus ever going back to that low-tech heavy shiny stuff from yesteryear.  Read More


Why I’m happy in January

January. It can be a bit of a long and depressing month can't it. But there is reason to be cheery.  Read More


The cost of all this innovation

Is industry in danger of doing a bit of a bank job given this spending spree we're witnessing? Everyone agrees innovation is a good thing, but who exactly is paying for all this rejuvenation? It certainly isn't free.  Read More


Informal chats, propping up the bar and being sent to Coventry...

It's here again and today, I'll be heading down to Coventry in the advanced party to the Engineering Design Show to set up, prop up the bar, and get ready for two pretty full on days.  Read More


How do I get a metallic finish?

Metallic finishes can be achieved in a variety of ways depending on the substrate material, quantities involved and goal of the treatment. The following is a short review of the more common options that are commercially available.  Read More


What to make of the ‘makers’

I thought I was getting too old to think about joining any sort of movement, particularly one with a reputation for having a bit of a cult following. I've heard murmurs about this 'maker movement' for some time now, but I've never quite got it.  Read More


Being clear about clarity

We are often asked to produce prototypes of components with varying levels of clarity and translucency. The usual options are glass or plastic parts. When it comes to glass we have to admit defeat as soon as we move away from fundamentally flat geometries (although engraving is practical to some quite significant depths). However there are a number of options for clear or translucent plastic parts. In this blog, we take at look at your options…  Read More


Is rail industry set to lightweight with composites?

Introducing exotic materials into sectors where metallic's have ruled, has always been a challenge for the composites industry. However, after making successful inroads in to the automotive sector, it has now set its sights on rail applications.  Read More

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